Tweed Is Essential in Every Closet

man with sunglasses wearing a brown tweed men's vest paired with a light blue oxford shirt and an orange tie

What is tweed?

Tweed is a heritage cloth that has been worn for centuries. It is a rough, woolen fabric, of a soft, flexible texture, woven with a plain weave, twill or herringbone structure. It originated in Scotland in the 18th century as a form of outerwear, due to its ability to withstand harsh climates. The strength and durability of this fabric is immaculate, as it is resistant to both wind and water. In addition, tweed comes in a number of varieties, with the Harris and Donegal variations being the most popular. Other well-known types include: plain tweed, herringbone tweed and houndstooth tweed.

Why should you wear tweed?

Tweed can be worn with a number of different clothes and accessories. This versatile fabric adds a charming elegance to any ensemble. Not only is this fabric warm and flexible, but also it provides structure. In particular, wearing tweed tends to create the illusion of a slimmer physique. 

How do you wear tweed?

You can wear a tweed vest casually with chinos or your favorite dark wash jeans. For a more formal look, a tweed vest may be worn with dress slacks. Pair a chambray shirt with brown tweed trousers for a stroll in the city, or wear a plaid button-down underneath a tweed jacket for your weekend festivities.


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