How to Wear Jogger Pants: Style Tips

How to Wear Jogger Pants: Style Tips

Jogger pants are the hottest, new trend in menswear. They are a hybrid of regular pants and sweatpants, with elastic at the waist and ankles. Joggers can be dressed up or down, depending on the look you're going for. 

One of the main ways you can wear joggers is for exercising. The elasticity and soft material of the pants make it easy for running, working out and even hiking. A tank top or a t-shirt paired with joggers is the ideal, athletic appearance.

For a more casual appearance, you can wear a polo shirt with khaki jogger pants. Likewise, a button-front shirt can be paired with denim joggers for a quick errand run. Add a navy cardigan to your ensemble for more stylishness.

A professional look does not always mean wearing a suit. Tuck in an oxford shirt with chino joggers for a first date or a late night hangout with friends. Top off your outfit with a blazer or a vest for an upscale expression. 

Are you wondering what shoes to wear with jogger pants? Sneakers and plimsolls will always give you a sportier look. On the contrary, brogue or oxford shoes paired with chino joggers add a sense of edginess.

The best brands for jogger pants are:


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