How to Wear Suspenders: Style Tips

man wearing silk suspenders with distressed painted carpenter jeans

The traditional instrument for holding up a man's trousers was always a pair of suspenders. In fact, the leather belt is a fairly recent invention; before World War I, belts were solely decorated outside of military uniforms. Nowadays, only a menswear aficionado can be seen wearing suspenders.

Suspenders, or braces, are straps of cloth that go over a man's shoulder down to the front of his trousers. They attach to the waistband with clips or buttons, forming either an X-shape or a Y-shape in the back. Suspenders allow your pants to fall more naturally, whether they are a little snug or a little loose

Wearing suspenders can be challenging and unusual for beginners. Make your experience fun and easy by following these simple tips:

  • Never wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. That is a big no-no. Both accessories are standalone pieces.
  • If you are going for a more formal, cleaner look, then wear traditional braces with leather or fabric button attachments. On the other hand, clip-on suspenders provide a more casual-hipster look.
  • Wear a fitted shirt underneath suspenders. Excess fabric around the waist can cause the "puffy shirt" effect, which is an unflattering look.
  • Make sure the colors of your braces do not clash with the colors of your shirt, trousers or socks. Generally, black and navy suspenders are known for their neutrality, since these colors can be paired with a variety of clothing.

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